1. Mattssassin

    Hoping for some advice on my channel... any and all criticism is welcome!

    Hey everyone! I'm was hoping I could get some advice on how to help get exposure for my channel as well as here your thoughts of my content. If you could spend some time to just check it out and leave some advice below I'd appreciate it.
  2. KingdomSlayerNav

    「GMV/AMV」Can You Feel My Heart

    Just made a GMV/AMV of my favorite game called Kingdom Hearts I would really appreciate it if you check it out and leave some feedback on it, maybe...? Thanks guys! <3 「GMV/AMV」Can You Feel My Heart
  3. KingdomSlayerNav

    Looking for honest feedback on my channel!

    Hey guys! I'd love some feedback on channel. Mainly on how my videos are edited, thumbnails, and if they are enjoyable to watch. I mainly do AMVs/GMVs. Much appreciated everybody! Thanks! ^o^