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  1. FrenchiseGaming


    I do pretty decently! lol check it out and tell me if I did ok!
  2. Rolz

    The Dynamic Duo are back at it !

    Hey guys, here's my latest video :) Messi and Hulk are back at it, here to brighten your day in regular speed and slo-mo! Sit back relax and enjoy! ‪ Be sure to check out my previous video for deets on how to enter my giveaway! If you're a gamer I recommend checking it out :) thanks and enjoy! :D
  3. Rolz

    My first giveaway competition!

    Hey guys! ItsHowWeRolz here :) in an attempt to give back to the few loyal subs I have as well as increase exposure and potential community growth...I have initiated a giveaway over on my channel :D Check out the video for more details and you could win...
  4. Commander Skull

    Commander's Vlog - Christmas Special *GIVEAWAY*

    Well hello there everyone. As convinient as it is the Commander's Vlog is on Sunday and since today is Christmas I am hosting a special Giveaway. More information in my latest Commander's Vlog
  5. Keyser Reveal

    Razer Black Widow Ultimate & Death Adder Giveaway!

    Hey guys I am giving away a Razer Black Widow Ultimate and Death Adder mouse on my channel if anyone interested. Good luck