1. K

    Vlog Looking for Collab near Atlanta Ga

    Hey guys i'm currently approaching 100 subscribers in the 3 months I have been on youtube and I'm very passionate about it. I make travel videos, vlogs, and cinematic videos. If anyone is interested in collaborating near Atlanta or has another idea, just leave a reply and we can talk about it...
  2. Just Cause

    Other Partner, Hold Camera, Edit, exe

    I have a small channel 600+ subs and just under a million views, already in youtube partnership program. Wanting to take a new channel to the next level, need some help its hard to move the camera, edit, exe, exe. Looking to do a 50/50 revenue slit (after taxes). Open to ideas about a new...
  3. A

    Follow me through my Air Force journey!

    This is my first ever video, and as you can tell I have a lot of improving to do. I am mainly going to continue doing vlogs like this, but also plan on making Air Force related videos in the future. I would love to share my experiences with YouTube, along with many others who have done so.
  4. javacentral

    Meet Up/Gathering Alabama or Georgia?

    Anyone in the Alabama or Georgia wanna meet up and Colleen? Me and another buddy here do the YouTube here if you're down!
  5. thepaulsociety

    Comedy Any Atlanta Youtubers?

    Hey everyone my name is Paul, my channel is thepaulsociety! I was just reaching out to see if there are any youtubers in or around the Atlanta area that specialize in the comedy or comedy vlogging genre? I'm mainly asking because I see a bunch of youtubers from California or Texas but I have...
  6. javacentral

    Meet Up/Gathering East Alabama or West Georgia folks in the house?

    I currently live about an hour from the Georgia border in Alabama and wanted to see if there was anyone from there that may want to do a collab. I got a couple ideas bouncing around that we could do.
  7. GeorgiaAdventure

    New Here

    So like I said I am new here. I have a few videos up on YT. If you would please check them out and give me some feedback on my entire channel. My videos are scattered in topics. I don't have a specific topic or anything like that to base my channel on. Also if anyone lives in or near San...
  8. javacentral

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Alabama/Georgia Youtubers down for a Collab?

    So me and possibly another of one of my buddies/youtubers would be down to do a collab if you are in the Alabama/Georgia kinda area! Hit me up on here via comment or whatever if you're down.

    Other Georgia Youtubers

    Anyone from GA using this interested in pooling resources? Equipment, actors, editing, writing, graphic art etc.