1. sickvenom

    Gaming Pc YouTubers 17+

    Hey my name is Vince or as they know me as ChinoPlayz on youtube. Im looking for other loyal friends to record with and we can grow together, becasue collabaration is key. Im 19 years old and play really everything but im really trying to get a great series on the new dayz update or something...
  2. Brandzor

    [GMod] Tales Of The CityRP - The Burger King Bandit

    One mans quest for Burger King takes an unexpected turn... Y U NO HAS CHEEZEBURGER!? CityLife RP is a cheeky game mode on Garry's Mod, check it out if you haven't already booooooyz. Fancy following me on the ol' twitter geezers? @BrandzorGaming
  3. pvptanker

    Gaming Gaming Collab Partner

    Hello, I am looking for a collaboration partner! I am 14 and I don't curse and I mostly play minecraft and other games on my channel. Must be in Eastern Standard time. 13 or above More than 100 subscribers Good quality mic Does not curse Uploaded more than 25 videos. Here is the list of the...
  4. HobbesGaming

    Gaming Garrys mod, TTT, Prop hunt and etc.

    Hey there, my name/alias is Hobbes. As a hobby I've started making youtube videos. It's fun to make them but I think it could be more so doing it with other people. I'm looking for a few people who can work flexibly with one another to organise and record, or if you just want to play for the fun...