1. Laitz - HEADSTRONG

  2. Laitz

    Daily Fun - Part 1 - 4K

  3. K

    Commentary Looking to start a commentary/review channel

    Hi all, i am looking to start a review channel, and looking for someone to help me, they can do the videos and i can upload them, i will market, i am more on the dev and business side of things and ideas, it can be paid work, or free, and once an income starts coming in everybody gets paid i...
  4. Kratos1x

    Gaming Looking For Collaboration For the Game Marvel contest of champions

    I just started a new youtube channel for Mcoc. If anyone want to collaborate then please let me know below.
  5. T

    Gaming Gaming Collab

    I am 16 and i been starting doing youtube for about 2 month now I would like to collab with anyone that wanna play and record with me. I been call ainsley because of my voice. Btw it's my natural voice and please don't be mean. I play csgo Ark survivial evolve, fortnite and some time even MC. I...
  6. Seige

    Gaming Rust Collab

    Hey guys looking for someone to play rust with looking to record some duo game play so if you're interested contact me on discord Seige #5880 or reply to this post :)
  7. SinLeviathan

    Does Your Female Hate Your Gaming Habbits Too??

  8. waxseanster

    Gaming Looking to collab or clash

    Hi i am the waxseanster I am very lonely and I want to collab or clash with another youtuber and i don't care about subs i just want to game i live in U.S in east time zone please message me so now i will tell you what i am looking for and stuff about me someone funny who loves YouTube around...
  9. SinLeviathan

    Would you buy a Nintendo Switch??

    Are you gonna buy a Nintendo Switch?
  10. sven_the_chicken0

    gamming group ps3 / pc

    hey guys im new but know how to make vids and am looking for some "partners in crime" for making vids:). skype: sventhechicken ps my youtube channel hasnt been finished setting up...
  11. B

    Gaming PS4 B03 collab

    Hello, I am looking for people to play with in videos. I love to do audio comedy and be spontaneous (pg-13) . I may not be the best at the game, but everyone has a good time. If you have black ops 3 and love zombies and are interested please: PSN: Age: Good mic and internet Thank you for your time.