1. WastedZan

    Gaming >>>Hello fellow yt gamers me and my group are looking for fellow gamers<<<

    Hello me and my fellow gamer friends are looking for some people to make vids with and just generally play To get a sense of what kind of videos we make please check out the channels down bellow: Me (WastedZan): link BStar: link Noah: link Akuma: link Fantro: link Requirements: -Be...
  2. IAmLogiicHD

    Gaming PC/PS4/XBOX Funny Moments group Collaboration

    what up everyone IAmLogiicHD Here in Search of Anyone willing to Collab with me in any games for PC/PS4/xbox, PC Setup is pretty good 3 monitors Blue snowball mic as for games, i said ANY games, buying games is not a problem for me, i have a wide variety of games on all my consoles and my PC, i...
  3. Dawayne West

    Gaming Ps4 or xbox youtubers???

    Hey y'all I was looking to see if anyone wanted to collab potentially for a video I dont really have a requirement on subs or nothing games I play are Xbox: gta v ,mortal kombat x, NBA 2k19 ( my team mainly but willing to play park), fortnite( I dont play often but I'm willin to play ) Ps4...
  4. L

    Gaming YouTube Group

    Hello Guyz This Is Ur Boi MineAddict I Am Here Offering Everyone A Chance To Be Part Of A YT Group Like Sidemen We Could Collab And Everything Do Gaming With Fans But There Are A Few Requirements Sorry Requirements Skype Age(17 Under) YouTube Name Willing To Shoutout Group That's All Thanks