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  1. J

    Gaming gaming collab

    Hi my channel is JeramyR19 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7mbxuP31uov2SfVMdvVvJg?view_as=subscriber I am looking for someone to collab with so we can grow as youtubers. I am free anyday besides 07/18/19 I play shooter games like fortnite, apex, gta, call of duty. Also games like minecraft
  2. AfrikanGoku

    The Strongest Of The Akatsuki Takes On The Sound Ninja 4, And This Is What Happened...

    Moving up the ranks in Naruto Storm 4 online ranked with the original founders of the Akatsuki. Had some very good and intense matches this episode!
  3. AfrikanGoku

    Kiba's Dog With the Surprise Attack @ 26:36! [Naruto Storm 4 Online Ranked Battles]

    This was the last fight of my most recent episode and it was also the most intense. Kiba's dog was giving me more of a problem than Kiba himself though, so what does that say about Kiba as a ninja??
  4. AfrikanGoku

    Most Fun Matches I've Had So Far [Naruto Storm 4]

    Had a great day recording matches for this latest episode in my Naruto Storm 4 series. Check it out here:
  5. AfrikanGoku

    Very Intense Fight Online in Naruto Storm 4

    I had a really intense match @ 9:01. The match was fun until near the end when CyberConnect2 decided to screw me over. Check out the video to see what happened...
  6. AfrikanGoku

    Iruka Sensei's Basics in Education and Fighting in Naruto Storm 4!

    I was given Iruka by the randomizer to use in a random online ranked match and I have to say that I am suprised that I have never seen anyone else use him online. After playing with him in this match he has now become one of my favorite characters to play for fun online. Iruka's Education Video:
  7. AfrikanGoku

    Anybody Here a Naruto Fan or Plays Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4??

    This is my most recent upload to the Naruto Storm 4 online ranked series that I am currently working on. Anybody here play Storm 4 or is a big Naruto or Boruto fan? I'd love to discuss the anime or play an online match with anyone who is interested. Also, if you like my content please subscribe...
  8. AfrikanGoku

    Can You Get Through This Whole Video Without Laughing?? [Crash Bandicoot Fails and Rage Moments]

    Just recently I started a new series for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. I am currently doing a full 100% playthrough of the first game in the trilogy right now and let me tell you it is NOT AN EASY TASK. The frustration when you're dedicating hours and hours to get through just one level...