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  1. AfrikanGoku

    Hilarious and Fun Online Player Matches Live! [Naruto Storm 4]

    This was my very first livestream I did for Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I had a really great time playing against these guys and there were many funny conversations among the chat. Check out these intense matches and funny commentary here:
  2. AfrikanGoku

    I Made a Big Mistake at this Moment @16:07 [Naruto Storm 4]

    I haven't felt despair like this in a fighting game since Naruto Storm 2. Check out what happened @16:07. To make matters worse, my next match was with a Naruto rasengan-spamming troll. :furious: Video:
  3. AfrikanGoku

    Can You Get Through This Whole Video Without Laughing?? [Crash Bandicoot Fails and Rage Moments]

    Just recently I started a new series for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. I am currently doing a full 100% playthrough of the first game in the trilogy right now and let me tell you it is NOT AN EASY TASK. The frustration when you're dedicating hours and hours to get through just one level...
  4. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming Looking for funny moments on ps4

    Hello! My name is roosterdcosta nd I am a funny moments YouTuber. I play pretty much any game on ps4 apart from gta:( if you do want to collab with me add me on ps4 gamertag is roosterdcosta and add me on skype. My skype is roosterdc2! See you when we collab!