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  1. K

    Gaming Nevermind

  2. Dibge

    Gaming Looking to Join or Create a Gaming Crew

    Hey I am a small YouTuber with around 30 subs. I’m looking to create or join a gaming collab crew. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join, just comment your discord and we’ll get in touch! I am looking to grow with and help out anyone who wants to join. That includes collabs, making intros...
  3. T

    Gaming Looking for PC gaming crew

    hello my name is Tyler and I want to start a gaming crew Like (Fitz, vanoss) for the following games - Fortnite - Rocket League - Cs Go - Call Of Duty WW2 - Paladins - Minecraft - Black Ops 2 - Call Of Duty Mw2 - GTA V Requirements - At least 16+ Years old - Good Mic - a Youtube channel - Good...
  4. B

    Gaming Friends and I are looking to expand our Gaming Group! (Xbox, PC)

    Hey, everyone! My name is Jordan, but you can call me Blue if you don't like being on a 'real name' type of basis with people. I'm an aspiring content creator for YouTube and occasionally even Twitch. My friends and I over the past year and a half have been looking for additional friends around...
  5. MrJude12

    Gaming Ps4 Youtube collab

    Looking to collab with anyone, I play on console (Xbox one & Playstation 4) The games I mostly play on Playstation 4 are: Rainbow Six Siege Black ops 3 Battlefield 1 NBA 2K (Destiny and more in future after release) Xbox one: Halo Master Chief Collection & 5
  6. Domo

    Gaming Looking for a crew

    How's it going man? Good alright now let me cut to the chase lol. I'm looking for people to make a group. A crew you could say. It's not going to be that Faze clan s**t No. it's going to be a content creation crew, where we record together and grow together. I like your editing style and your...
  7. A7Games

    Gaming Looking To Start A Crew On PC and Xbox One Games

    Hey i am looking to start a crew!! The Age Limit i was looking for is around 13 and onward, you have got a lest have over 100 subscribers!! Guidelines: Quality microphone* Decent editing* Funny personality!! *Exceptions can be made. Comment your skype if you want to join.