gaming addiction

  1. NoSleepTeam22

    How do i get people to see my videos?

    I have recently started posting videos on youtube. And when i watch other people making the same kind of content as i (gaming videos) i know i am able to create gameplay on the same level as most people. But first off all im struggling on the editing side of things. I have noticed how some...
  2. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for people to join our Community and grow with us!

    Hello there, my bestfriend and I are looking for people to Collaborate with us and join our Community, Currently we play Fortnite and Minecraft but we can still figure stuff out. We want to grow with people and become bestfriends with people and grow through these years on YouTube. One day we...
  3. tabve

    Gaming Looking to make a crew

    I been looking for more youtuber to collab with. Want to play with people that are creative and funny in games. Subs count not that worry about. I'm 25, play on PC and PS4 I play games like Fortnite, PUBG, shockshell, mostly. If have other game let me. Let me know if anyone is interested or hit...
  4. R

    Gaming Xbox One Collab cod!!!

    Hey everyone is Ray Wrecks here looking to start collaborating with other gamers. Just on Xbox one. I have 50subs. Want some one with 25or more.
  5. Henry Gallimore

    Gaming Addiction is Worse Than Heroin

    Satire, terrible advice and terrible content all around. Henry looks into how you can fight against the peril that is YOUR GAMING ADDICTION.