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  1. R

    Robotics in VR?

    The next time your phone rings or alerts, ask yourself — is that message coming from a robot or a human? Now that we've got your attention here's a chance to build your very own robot in VR Sign-up for exclusive discounts: https://www.roboxrgame.com Limited spots only!
  2. B

    Gaming I need honest review on my videos

  3. AfrikanGoku

    Anybody Here a Naruto Fan or Plays Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4??

    This is my most recent upload to the Naruto Storm 4 online ranked series that I am currently working on. Anybody here play Storm 4 or is a big Naruto or Boruto fan? I'd love to discuss the anime or play an online match with anyone who is interested. Also, if you like my content please subscribe...
  4. mattsealey123

    Friday the 13th Gameplay - 1st try! OOG

    Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvhkChobBtOS5UnYQYLAiZw?sub_confirmation=1 Never played before, what do you think of it?!?!?!