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  1. Justine

    I HIGHly recommend this Witcher 3 video

    Get it? Because I'm high in this video? Yeah, puns aren't my thing. Anyways, I finally got some motivation to edit and upload my 420 subscriber special, and if you're looking for something with little to no consistency, features two chicks under the influence while playing The Witcher 3, and has...
  2. Justine

    Cuphead vs Game Journalists

    Better late than never, but I have a lot more to say on this subject than "game journalists suck at games". Cuphead is a work of art in many ways, the music, art, and animation are incredibly gorgeous and the game is quite a challenge. However, theres a few game journalists who've written...
  3. Justine

    Life is Strange: Before The Storm Made a Mistake

    So if you haven't seen my other videos of Before The Storm, my biggest complaint has been the voice acting. However, in this part of episode two we got to meet the janitor again and holy cow, they ruined his character. Thanks so much for checking out this thread and my video! If you like the...
  4. sparkypi

    Gaming With Style

    Hello everybody, and a glad hand to you, my friends! My name is sparkypi and welcome to my channel! I'm just a beginner with four series in development, but I'm about to start a fifth soon, once I finish Portal. At the moment I mostly do single-player RPGs such as Portal, Dark Souls 3, Sniper...