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  1. Ashandrei


    Hello there guys, i am new in this comunity and i would really apreciate if you guys could take a look at what i do and give a feedback on it, and if you like it you could leave a subscribe or like, or both:)) Thnak you verry much.
  2. A

    Gaming i am 14 years old and want youtubers/gamers to collab and have fun

    my name is Aaron Fritz i am 14 years old and i need youtubers or gamers who want to create a new youtube channel i have a strategy and ideas to post videos and gain subscribers the requierments are : you have to be 14 years old ,15 and 13 will also be considered most...
  3. Lukerz

    A Question about setting Goals

    My you tube channel is now two weeks old, has 10 subs, and 144 veiws. Not bad for it being yet another comedy gaming channel I guess. But my question is that really a good showing for a two week old channel? And also what kind of goals can i set based off of the information I have so far? Thanks...
  4. JonnyBoi

    No way, 100 Views!

    My channel just hit 100 views! And its not from me watching my own videos (I don't watch my own videos). I know this might seem like nothing to all you "bigger channels" but people are starting to watch my videos, and to me that's a big motivational boost. I don't really care if I don't get "a...