1. Chezza

    Amazing game dev with a beautiful game

    Hello there! First of all, thanks in advance if you check out my channel or leave some reviews. My channel: Video in question: My channel continues to focus on recreating popular games in a completely scuffed fashion. (Basically I make...
  2. Chezza

    Totally competent game dev looking for review

    What's up everyone? It's Chezza here also known as Elliot in the real world. Just wanted to make a post asking if some people could take a look at my channel and give some constructive criticism, or rip it to shreds I don't really mind. I have just posted my second video today which is the one...
  3. D

    Hello - I am new and trying to improve my indie-game dev channel

    Hey there, i try to create a game and keep my self sane while doing videos in the hopes to get some feedback. Well: I hardly get any feedback - i guess the videos are not that great yet. I would like to improve the quality of the videos. Here is an example. So that is my goal why i signed up...
  4. Biuzer

    Gaming Looking for Android let's players and reviewers

    Hi guys! I know here is bunch of talented youtubers and I am looking for Android games let's players and reviewers. I am game developer. Recently we released a mobile game called "Sheepy Hollow". It is a crazy little game about a smashing a sheep face into a wall :) I believe it may be...