1. B

    Gaming Hey wanna colab?

    Lookin for people to colab wit on ps4/ps5( eventually when I get one) DM me on discord @ Bankerealyt#5589 if interested to discuss games n when we can work.
  2. T

    Gaming What do you think about mr.beast's new video !?

    Mr beast: I didn't eat food for 30 days https://shrinke.me/tjmO5q
  3. DreamyRapier

    Gaming Looking for Female YouTubers

    Hello, I am DreamyRapier and I am looking for girls who play minecraft, Roblox and Among us My discord tag is: DreamyRapier#7780 Please Let me know :)
  4. AfrikanGoku

    I Made a Big Mistake at this Moment @16:07 [Naruto Storm 4]

    I haven't felt despair like this in a fighting game since Naruto Storm 2. Check out what happened @16:07. To make matters worse, my next match was with a Naruto rasengan-spamming troll. :furious: Video: