1. BrinoVlogs

    New Designs? Better Quality? Feedback?

    So I'm Brino a nickname for Brian. I have decided I am going to push my channel for this upcoming summer and I literally can use any advice/ improvements on my channel like any, like better thumbnails...Better channel design... better quality videos...What kind of videos interest you or even...
  2. AnayaNation

    Where Do We see YouTube in 5 years?

    Hello Everyone, I would like everyone to voice their opinion and project where they see YouTube in the next five years? YouTube has taken off and it seems like everyone from kids to adults have channels and some with multiple channels...In the next five years how hard will it be to be...
  3. Branden Morales


  4. G-Legend

    Commentary Just a smller YouTuber looking for an FPS gaming commentator to collab with!

    What's up guys? I'm just a smaller YouTuber (35 subs as of writing this) and I commentate on EA's FPS games with some other FPS games on the side. I focus mainly on tips, tricks, strategies; that sort of thing in my commentaries. I'm currently working with Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 so if...
  5. Branden Morales


  6. Nutella

    Competitive Call of Duty Channel! HELP!

    Hey whats up guys, my name is Nutella and i would love some feedback on my channel. Lately i cant really think of what to upload, so i would like some ideas. I also want to know everyone's opinions on my videos, thumbnails, and channel art to see what i can improve on, thanks. :)