1. OndaWire

    samsung galaxy s10 ultimate 5G FIRST LOOK

    Here is the first look of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultimate 5G. Follow me on YouTube and Facebook at "OndaWire" for more tech reviews!!
  2. Curiosity Ridge

    How far have we Gone? | Byte sized | Curiosity Ridge

    Check out my newest video "How far have we Gone" explore just how far the reach of humanity extends!
  3. JanPlays_

    Request Youtube banner [10-15 YTCash or Free]

    Hello, I'm looking for someone that can make a good Youtube banner for me, it has to have that galaxy look like it has now but it would be great if you could make a better one! I'm willing to pay 10-15 YTCash or more depending on how good the banner is. Thank you in advance!
TubeBuddy Easy to use and install.