gain views

  1. Bro D

    Hit 10 Subscribers, But I'm Not Satisfied

    I have just recently started creating content on Youtube about 2 weeks ago. Recently hit 10 subscribers, but I seem to be having an issue getting any more. Obviously I know I am not going to be an overnight success. But I would like to think atleast gaining 1 or 2 subscribers in 4 or 5 days was...
  2. SmokeySpace

    How To Create Better And Gain More Exposure On Your Videos!

    In this guid I am going to give you guys advice on creating and gaining for exposure (more views + subscribers) on your channel. I am a gaming channel but these tips will go out to everyone, good luck and I hope this helps :D First let me introduce myself, like I said I run a gaming channel...
  3. Jonatan Moser


    So yeah, basically this is probably one of the most asked questions in all of the history of YouTube... But how do I get more likes and subscribers (without it costing insane amounts of money)? First off: I am a music channel, primarily with cover songs made in a variety of different styles...
  4. MistyEmma

    Very Slow Progress On YouTube.

    Hey guys, I've been doing YouTube for about 9 months now, and I have 143 subscribers. However, I'm only getting 30/40 views per video. Other teens in my area have started channels and already have 5k subscribers and loads of views, yet they stated later than me, and it's getting me down. So far...