1. RTBFrebel

    Gaming Is You Funny? Or NAW?

    Hoi everyone! I'm attempting to make new friends and create some funny and entertaining content on both YouTube and Twitch. The main focus of this is to have fun, make some funny moments, and entertain. I am hoping this can be a long lasting group that can make each other laugh. I have a Discord...
  2. F


    Hey guys my name is FyuZheN and my channel is focused around gaming, tutorials and more! I recently started playing alot more Overwatch so I think it would be great if I could collab with other small youtubers to make Videos with and more! If you are interested, contact me via: Skype: thechink...
  3. ImNotFrank

    Gaming Looking for PS4 YouTubers.

    Hey, Sleezer here. Just want to know if there is any small youtubers that would like to do some funny moments on GTAV. BO3 and Battlefront? if you do hit me up on Skype: alex.jones205 and PSN: SleezerYT Requirements: 15 or Older MUST have Skype Good mic Sense of Humor and a PS4 obviously The...