funny vlog

  1. Safwan Foy

    Facing my fears.

  2. Matthew Lissoway

    Our surprise date ends in HORROR

    Hello and welcome to life the lazerway! Check this video out!!! :dance: I am so happy with how well this 1 turned out!:bounce: Thanks 4 your time! :wavespin:your gonna love it!
  3. Mitch Music

    Make Monday's your B*tch!

    I'm new to vlogging and have been doing it everyday for the past 12 days. This is my latest episode where I manhandle my Monday and show it who's boss! Would love to hear any feedback. I talk about how weird it feels to vlog in public, something I think is going to take me a while to get used...
  4. Eric Bieller

    Umm.. Did she really just put that in her mouth?

    In our latest vlog, we're hanging out in Baton Rouge, LA celebrating Mardi Gras! Things got... a little crazy :o