funny moments crew

  1. ImVolce

    Gaming funny moment squad ps4 (discord)

    My name is Volce and i do funny moments on youtube i am looking for people who do the same but there is a few requirements #1 Must have discord #2 have a decent microphone #3 Must have a PlayStation 4 #4 must have Fortnite , RDR2 , and BO4 Contact me! YouTube - Im Volce Twitter - imvolce...
  2. S

    Gaming The Next Vanoss Gaming Crew! GMOD, GTA, Errything! :D

    I'm glad you ran across this. I've recently started YouTube and I'm gonna hit it hard this year. I watch Vanoss Gaming, Lui Calibre, H20 Delirious, all of 'em (I mean, who doesn't?). I would love to find a group of people, or make a group of people, like that to record and grow with! I'm up for...
  3. Alex Lentz

    Gaming Possible Collaboration?

    Aight, so I'n looking to grow my channel big time. but i figured with the video style I'm going for, I would need a group of people to record with. Just so you're not confused, I'm aiming at a style similar to vanossgaming. I'm currently only limited to xbox one but I will soon upgrade to PC...
  4. SoulBarrier2

    Gaming looking to form a gaming group

    Im looking to form a gaming group where we would make funny moments on games like gmod and etc i don't have any requirements there is one that you have to be 17 or older i don't care what your subcount is as long as you meet that one requirement your fine
  5. Logic Eye

    Gaming Permanent Funny Moments group (PC) (16+)

    Hi, I'm LogicEye I am seaching for some guys to form a funny moments group on a few different games. I live in Denmark, so i would like to see people from the UK and around, so we can play in the weekdays, but people from the USA are welcome too ,) I am playing games like: GTA V Star Wars...
  6. SeaBear Plays

    Gaming Recruiting People For Our Funny Moments Crew!

    My friend and I are recruiting people to join our Funny Moments group :) We play a majority of games such as Left 4 Dead 2, Csgo, Black Ops 3 and many more! We only have 2 people in it as of right now so if your interested just reply! We also don't have a set schedule yet but just be ready to...
  7. SeaBear Plays

    Gaming Funny Moments Crew

    I would like to start a Funny Moments Crew with my friend so we have more of a group together! Games we play are Left 4 Dead 2, Csgo, Black Ops 3, CoD WaW, and some more! Just reply here with your skype and steam username if interested :) Ok thanks for your time.