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    Useless Sky Facts!

    This might be the most science-based video I've ever done, I'm so proud of myself. Everywhere I looked online was content on No Man's Sky, Sky News or just terrifying animations aimed at children and honestly, I'm still recovering. So, I thought I'd put together some facts about the sky for all...
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    Saint Patrick's Day: The Facts!

    top o' the morning to ya laddies i hope you like ireland 'cause it's about yo get /real/ irish up in here hoo boy
  3. darkstarmedia

    Happy Birthday To Me!

    On March 7th 1993, the world was both graced and cursed with my presence. 23 years on, I thought I'd make a little video in which I reveal a little more about about myself as a thank you to all the wonderful people who have loyally followed my work over the last few months. Enjoy, my pretties!
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    Useless Coffee Facts!

    Coffee has a history as rich as its taste, plus some interesting stories behind it as well! Be sure to like this video if you like it and subscribe for new useless trivia delivered straight to your eyeballs every single week!
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    Smarter in Seconds is back with another episode, this time about the 6 main animal types - from reptiles to fish to mammals, and more! Perfect for studying or just a quick refresher before school. It's only (under) 4 minutes long, so why not have a gander? Animal pun intended.