1. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    YouTube Fires Back? or at least replies to COPPA & FTC - COPPA FTC vs YouTube UPDATE

    After relative silence on the matter YouTube has finally replied to FTC about COPPA asking for more clarification on the grey areas of the law. What happens to adult audiences watching kids content. Will all "made for kids videos" assume the audience is sub 13?
  2. BestNerdLife

    My (mostly coherent) thoughts about the FTC and COPPA | BestNerdLife

    So, let's talk about the FTC and the new COPPA guidelines that are coming into effect in 2020. Otherwise known as the Adpocalypse! Anyone else think that the FTC are going completely overboard by targeting YouTubers directly, even if their content isn't directly marketing towards people under 13?
  3. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    FTC Wants To Fine You $42,530 per Video - Here's why! (COPPA & FTC)

    FTC and COPPA changes means that the FTC want to look at the creators who are on YouTube who fail to comply with the COPPA guidelines and issue fines of up to $2,530 PER VIDEO. COPPA Are YOU Made For Kids? - How To Select Coppa - What YOU Need To Pick! - COPPA Changes // There are some...
  4. C

    Future of YouTube Kids

    Hi! Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. I don't want to get into details on the whole COPPA issue, since I am one of the creators that creates 100% content for kids. So I have no doubts that I need to mark my whole channels as "for kids". Since I treat my channel as a main...
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