1. G

    Youtube stuck in processing for hours

    So ive been uploading a 10 minute 1080p video @60hz to my channel, and it uploads fine, but when processing it zooms down the bar before stopping completely at 68%, 2 minutes remaining. I then went outside, stayed for a while, came back in, watched some videos, went back outside, had lunch, and...
  2. Gate of Theories

    Reacting to Frozen 2 Trailer!!!

    What is your guys reactions?

    My Views on my video are frozen and I lost views !!! Pls help !

    Hey guys ! I recently posted a video and it racked up more than 313 views on the first night ! However, the next morning, the view count froze and then jumped down to 75 ! now its stuck at 105 ! :( Please help. Anyone have an idea on how to fix it or contact youtube to fix it ?
  4. SeanFace101

    I Added A Bit Too Much Frozen Bloodworms

    A video of when I was feeding my tropical fish community tanks and added to much frozen food... You can see Gold Angelfish, Koi Angelfish, White Balloon Molly, Dalmatian Balloon Molly, Black Sailfin Balloon Mollies, Orange Sailfin Balloon Molly, Sailfin Balloon Molly, Silvertip Tetra and a...
  5. pandakidztv

    Minions Frozen Princess Anna

  6. pandakidztv

    Minions Frozen Elsa

    Check out our new minions Frozen Elsa. Don't forget to subscribe