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  1. I

    Gaming Looking For New FRIENDS

    Hi, my name is Riley Kerr and later this year I’m going to be launching my Gaming Channel with my Fiancé. We have purchased a expensive drawing tablet and will be hand drawing our gaming thumbnails and I’ll be editing them every Friday and publishing one video a day. we are looking for new...
  2. Nvtkrazy

    Gaming Fortnite pc yt collab!

    Yo, im looking for some dope ppl to collab with. Lets make it happen if youre real about it. Currently doing fortnite for now. Im at almost 800+ wins in fortnite! Hit me up on youtube, or we can chat it up to figure things out on my discord:YSYRkqM Here's my youtube content and gameplay...
  3. India And Ramzan

    Vlog Collaboration with India And Ramzan

    Hi Guys We would love to collaborate with different youtubers,and create a great context together. Please check us out on our YouTube channel: India And Ramzan Email us and with your ideas at:
  4. MartyTinus

    Gaming PS3 Users?

    Are there YouTubers out there who want to make collaboration video's, but only have "good" games on a PS3?
  5. Koa


    we all know colab is good it allows viewers to see different personalities while it is also more fun to play with people. so mainly im looking for people that are down to earth that actually are down to have fun playing some video games and make great content. But i also want to find people that...
  6. totallyAud

    Gaming PC Gaming Collabs and Ideas

    Hi everyone! It's been forever since I've been on here and youtube to be honest, however I want to get back into the habit of making youtube video and I was wondering if anyone wanted to collab and make some gaming videos and/or discuss ideas on how to make a gaming youtube channel successful. I...