1. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming GTA5 Body Actors Needed

    Hi there, I'm making a show of sorts on GTA5 and I need body actors to help bring the dream to life. I need as many people as I can get, it's a good oppurtunity for some exposure if you need it cause you'll be featured in the credits and in the description. You won't be voice acting or...
  2. Anibal


    Hey guys im making this group for people who have the passion to create content .In this group i am making we will be playing on PS4 and record funny moments. If you meet the requirements then feel free to leave your skype and psn down below 1.14+ 2.Have a decent mic recording and editing...
  3. artiflex

    Remember Names & get better Relations - 3 Easy Techniques

    Remember Names & get better Relations - 3 Easy Techniques --------------------------- Remembering a name is essential it can improve your relations or connections by 300%. In the books "How to inluence people and win friends." They say "A names is a person's greatest asset. If you forget a...