fran bow

  1. Lizzeelive

    Fran Bow Episode 5! THE MAZE!

    I hope you enjoy! I haven't posted the others on here, I really haven't thought to. I really view this forum as more of a learning source these days... But if you would like, I would be happy to have you as a part of my YouTube family over on my channel! ~Love, Lizzeelive!
  2. Jawad Soomro


    Annie gives me the Sleeping Pills to Fran, so Fran mixes that drug in a cake (bun) to serve it to the guard. However the Guard denies, so Fran throws a hot Tea over him, then Guard leaves the room, and Fran gets the chance to grab the key out of the office.
  3. Jawad Soomro


    Things I covered up in this video: 1. Met the guard (jerk guard) to get me the keys, but he refuses for a kiss. 2. Talked to the girl whose brain has been eaten. 3. Fixed the TV channel to number 8. 4. Borrowed the paper to draw something on it. 5. Obtained the Pink Sash to fix this with the...
  4. Dice Rollen

    Fran Bow-Part 17 | Going Down in Flames

    Betrayal & cake in Fran Bow!
  5. Jawad Soomro


    This Horror game is about the girl named Fran Bow who has mental disorder. She lives with her parents and a black cat called Mr Midnight. One day her parents are killed mysteriously and she went to the Mental asylum to find out the truth and their murderer. But the things don't seem good as they...
  6. Dice Rollen

    Fran Bow-Part 13 | Searching for Stones

    The search for stones to get Fran Bow home continues!
  7. HobbesGaming

    Fran Bow, Garrys mod, TTT and more to come.

    Hey there, my name/youtube alias is Hobbes. I'm 20 years old from the UK. I started my channel for one reason, for fun. It's great to make videos and it's great to know people are watching. I would love if you would watch and share my content. You don't have to like or subscribe just share, get...
  8. Dice Rollen

    Let's Play: Fran Bow-Part 10 | King of the Trees

    Welcome to the land of Oz! Oh & Fran Bow is a tree now.
  9. Dice Rollen

    Let's Play: Fran Bow-Part 9 | Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

    Fran & Mr. Midnight finally escape from the twins' house with the help of a giant toad.
  10. Dice Rollen

    Let's Play: Fran Bow-Part 8 | The Ritual

    The twins want Fran to perform a ritual to summon a lost soul...but I found a different ritual.
  11. Dice Rollen

    Fran Bow-Part 7 | Double Trouble

    In this part of Fran Bow we meet conjoined twins Clara & Mia. And we finally find Mr. Midnight!