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  1. Z

    Gaming looking for people to record funny moments with

    my channel name is Advance and i have just over 100+ subscribers im 18 and fortnite is basically all i post on my channel now and i am looking for funny people to play with and make funny moments videos, if you are interested comment on this or go hit me up on twitter my username is...
  2. FrenchiseGaming

    Funniest Fortnite Meme Channel? [CLICK HERE] 64 subs! All aboard!

    Hey, we all have goals lol check me out tho. I believe I have some quality stuff here for ya.
  3. FrenchiseGaming

    Hardest Fortnite Challenge EVER!! |62 subs!!

    Easily the hardest challenge I've ever done but extremely funny! I'm doing a battle pass giveaway at 25 likes!
  4. FrenchiseGaming

    Road Trip Challenge! (Golf Carts & Roads ONLY!) | FORTNITE

    So yeah I attempt the Road Trip challenge you have to get to the other side of the map only using a cart and the roads on Fortnite! Very Hard! Do I pass? You'll have to see, its pretty damn funny too. Also if I can get 25 likes on this video i'll give a battle pass to whoever likes & comments...
  5. FrenchiseGaming

    FORTNITE DANK MEMES | 58 Subs! $100 giveaway And Battle pass giveaway!

    Yes I'm doing a giveaway a $100 giveaway at 100 subs! & If my most recent video gets 25 likes ill give out a battle pass! Besides that tell me if you're all enjoying the content!
  6. FrenchiseGaming

    This Is Your Brain On Season 5 | Fortnite Funny Moments

    I'm Loving Season 5 BTW, How you guys?
  7. FrenchiseGaming

    FORTNUT.exe montage | Fortnite Dank Memes - 54 subs!! Giveaway!

    Thanks to you guys who viewed this video, gave feedback and like, commented etc. You guys are the real MVP's 46 more! We can do it and more videos on the way, better than ever too! I'll be doing a giveaway at 100 subs, $100 giftcard! Enjoy!
  8. FrenchiseGaming

    This New STINK BOMB made me Uninstall Fortnite.. [MEME]

    After hours of trying, I got angry and alot of funny moments. So here you go I put alot of work into so a like and a sub would be great if you enjoyed the content. Thank you all again!! Feel free to comment, we could play sometime or whatever.
  9. FrenchiseGaming

    Broke Bobba Fett | Fortnite [MEME!]

    Wassup boys and gals! Im back, with that dank. Check it out!
  10. FrenchiseGaming

    NO MEDS Challenge! - Fortnite [MEME]

    Hey folks, just meme'in round'. Check out this video and hey I bet you'll laugh even! Give it a thumbs up or sub and i'll return the favor! ;)
  11. FrenchiseGaming

    Fortnite | Hilarious Sky Bases In New Game Mode!!

    Had tons of fun with this one. Go check it out and maybe win the giveaway!!
  12. FrenchiseGaming


    Just a little mash up! Enjoy!
  13. FrenchiseGaming

    17 Kills As Thanos In Fortnite

    So I was just emoting and the Gauntlet landed right by me...SCORE
  14. FrenchiseGaming

    Fortnite Funniest Infinity Gauntlet Gameplay!

    Yo check this out, you'll gut bust at this one or at least get a chuckle! Check it out and leave feedback! And if you really liked it Subscribe and like!
  15. JBR27

    FUNNIEST START TO A GAME (Fortnite Battle Royale)

    I have played many hours of this game and in this squad game we jumped into it had the funniest start I had seen. I was laughing my head of while being entertained by two players. Plenty of great moments and funny moments come out from this game but I just had to upload this as I get shoot but...
  16. JBR27

    Fortnite Battle Royale - Where Are They?

    I am loving this amazing game on the PS4. Good old Fortnite Battle Royale is taking up hours of my days now and I am capturing plenty of footage I can turn into some quality content. This video is a squads gameplay with 2 of my mates so there is only 3 of us and we grind out a sweet victory...
  17. JBR27

    Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments - Double Jump Pad Escape

    You gotta love some Fortnite Battle Royale and this game has become to addicting for me. Just some funny moments clips from many of my games with one epic double jump pad escape from a ridiculous gun battle we got destroyed in. Absolutely loving this game so much so hopefully I can keep getting...
  18. The Insane Reaver

    THE AMAZING HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE!! - FortNite Battle Royale Funny Moments (Challenge Video)

    So BlackLightning LSC and I had this bet for our first round of this recording that the loser would drink a shot glass full of hot sauce! And of course, that means that one of us would suffer at the end of this video. Watch to the end to see who survived longer and I hope you guys enjoy these...
  19. M

    Gaming Looking For Group (Fortnite)

    Hey! I'm Mulch and I am looking for a group of people who would want to make YouTube videos together. If you are confused about what I am talking about, look up Vanoss or Im Voltz on YouTube. They are both people who have a group of friends on YouTube. I don't have many requirements but I listed...