fortnite collab

  1. B

    Gaming Looking for 5 people who have Fortnite on PC and have either the Floss, Fancy Feet, or Hype emote

    The title pretty much says everything, but to elaborate, I need 5 people to help me make a short little clip for an upcoming project. Everyone who helps will be credited at the end of the project. Participants must have either the Floss, Fancy Feet, or Hype emote. If you have either one of those...
  2. Mirko

    Gaming Fortnite Challenge Collabs PS4!

    There's no doubt about it that Fortnite challenge videos and Fortnite funny moments are the most successful Fortnite videos! I'm looking for someone to collab with and do challenges that haven't been done before, we need to stand out from the bigger YouTubers, I want to do different and unique...
  3. T

    Gaming Looking for fortnite players (PC)

    Want to be on YouTube? I want to make a funny moments video with people i play with, if you play on pc your in luck just add me as a friend and come play have a good time. would like you to have a microphone if not that's ok. Username: Tylerharding69 P.S This does not mean all the videos are...
  4. M

    Gaming Xbox Fortnite Games (1500 subs in my youtube channel)

    What are we going to do? I'm looking for 1-3 people to have a funny gameplay video in Fortnite. Requirements? 15 wins on Solos 1000 Subs on your channel (if you have tons of wins this does not matter) Vivid and entertaining voice Where are we gonna be talking? In a party on XBOX or discord...
  5. The Insane Reaver

    Hilarious FortNite Fails with Reaver and BlackLightning!!

    What happens when you are being ridiculous Goof Balls? This happens, and I hope you all enjoy this video because it probably won't be the last one! Close your eyes and just listen at the part where BlackLightning starts to lag, PRICELESS!! Keep it CRAZY guys!!
  6. I

    Gaming Making a funny moments group (PS4)

    Hey what’s up I guess you are interested in joining a gaming group. Well I want to make a group where we can record together, grow together on YouTube and just have fun playing. I play fortnite at the moment since that’s the game that’s in right now. Requirements You must be at least 16 Years...
  7. I

    Gaming Fortnite collab (PS4)

    Looking for some one or multiple people to collab fortnite on PS4. Requirements: Over 16 years old. Must have a decent mic Must put effort into videos. That’s if not many requirements so yeah.if you are interested let me know down below and I will get back to you with more details.
  8. The Insane Reaver

    THE AMAZING HOT SAUCE CHALLENGE!! - FortNite Battle Royale Funny Moments (Challenge Video)

    So BlackLightning LSC and I had this bet for our first round of this recording that the loser would drink a shot glass full of hot sauce! And of course, that means that one of us would suffer at the end of this video. Watch to the end to see who survived longer and I hope you guys enjoy these...
  9. J

    Gaming interested in collabing fortnite battle royal

    interested in collabing fortnite battle royale on ps4 my psn is mollza10