1. S


    Ive been a gaming youtuber now for several months and I think its time to collaborate. I play a lot of fortnite so If you're into fornite let me know and we can play MUSTS have a mic and be decent to talk to enjoy playing fortnite and produce fortnite videos to be able to produce funny content...
  2. ArsenalGamer

    Gaming PS4 YouTubers

    hey guys, I am Cryptic, and I am looking for people to record with people who are pretty chill requirements -have a pretty good mic - has discord or some sort of communication(so I know if there a problem with recording) -is mature and isn't a kid -is a dedicated and hardworking youtuber post...
  3. A

    Gaming Looking for someone to record games with! (Fornite Minecraft)

    Hello there! My name is Martin if you want to find out more about me here! I am 17 I go to collage, and own a minecraft server but that was probably not needed :3. I'm looking for a person which I could record games like Fornite Minecraft DarkSouls and etc. I need someone funny and full of...