1. Foorson

    DOOM Part 18 | VEGA

    OK K.O Im back after a short, short break (because something was wrong with my net) So another part of DOOM : )
  2. Foorson

    300 Subscribers Special Annoucement

    OK K.O Sup Guys! Im almost at 300 subscribers so I wanna do a Q&A or something so If You have any questions or requests for me post them here and I will make sure to answer all etc : ) Thanks !
  3. Foorson

    DOOM Part 16 | BREAKIN HELL!

    OK K.O Back to DOOM! Im making hell fall apart laughs
  4. Foorson

    Dark Echo #2 | THROUGH THE WATER

    There’s something in the water… I’ve heard that somewhere before…
  5. Foorson

    DOOM Part 15 | TITAN'S REALM

    OK K.O! We start this episode with a BIG BANG by killing a big, evil mofo: CYBERDEMON so yeah...BACK TO HELL Guys
  6. Foorson

    The Evil Within Part 12 | HERE BOY!

    OK K.O! Second upload of the day : The Evil Within part 12! This game is a true horror!
  7. Foorson

    The Park #2 | THE PARK IS HUNGRY!

    OK K.O! Sup Guys still looking for my son in this creepy park I must be nuts - I thought I hate the kid? Because im so, so good mother right?