1. musikking

    Instagram Follow Me On Instagram...awesome content including great music and occasional giveaways

    Please Check out my page and follow You can find my page at:
  2. Erika Talerico

    Networking...Let's Help Each Other Out...

    Here are all our social media pages (below). If you subscribe, Like, or Follow any of them send me a message at each page and I'll do the same for you, for each one. Twitter: Facebook: YouTube...
  3. SeanFace101

    Having more subscribers get your more subscribers?

    Do you think that channels with a high subscriber counts helps them get more subscribers? Like... Do you think people are more likely to subscribe to a channel that has already got loads of subscribers as appose to them subscribing to a channel with only a few?
  4. Tigarr

    my goals for my youtube channel

    My subscriber goal for 2016 is atleast 5000 subs till the end and make more better videos for u guys and
  5. Willyghee


    I'm extremely happy with myself although this is a low number It gives me the motivation to achieve my next goal 200 subscribers! 3 days ago i was at 37 subs and now I'm at 100! Thank you everyone for all the support and checkout my new upload on my channel! :) Thanks, Will
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