1. FIona Art

    Just pour with Fiona

    This awesome Rainbow star I did with reverse flower dip with paper napkin. Waw... I'm still dancing happy dance, because I really LOVE this painting. I was trying to get this look for a while now.... every time I was closer and this time I finally did it. :D Colours: - black - titanium white +...
  2. darkstarmedia

    The Language of Flowers!

    Every flowers holds a special meaning or message, but it's a lot more complicated and hilarious than you think. Happy Valentine's Day!
  3. Sonalib

    Brooklyn Botanic Garden is AMAZING

    I loveeeee being surrounded by flowers and plants, but i have a cat and most plants are poisonous for him. So any chance I get to be around plant beauty I take. This vlog is one of those times, I wanted you to enjoy the beauty with me. So check it ouuut and have a good time too.