1. 3X_

    Gaming funny moments collab people

    we need active people. don't join if you're not going to be able to record at least %70 of the time. also please answer some questions. I'll answer them too. Questions : What is your channel name? NotZUZE What is your discord name and tag? NotZUZE#4847 but definitely join the certified boys...
  2. ImVolce

    Gaming Looking for a Funny Moments Recording group like the Misfits! (Xbox / PC / PS4)

    Hi my name is Volce, me and my friends are looking for a recording group.. We are a dark sense of individuals like the Misfits (SwaggerSouls , Fitz , Zuckles . RaccoonEggs etc.) We record discord, CSGO, Rainbow (on pc), COD Modern Warfare (when its out) and.. many other games! The requirements...
  3. PhysicsFreak101

    Gaming I wanna make funny moments videos similar to Fitz and Vanoss, PC ONLY

    Hey everyone, it's been a little bit since I posted on here, still looking for people to collab with, I wanna make quality content with others who also strive toward that goal. Please post an answer to all the following questions! Questions : What is your channel name? What is your discord...
  4. PhysicsFreak101

    Gaming PC Funny Moments Recruitments

    I am looking for people who want to grow their channels, and have some fun along the way XD. I have very few requirements, although some of you may find them tough, I can make exceptions! At the end of the day, I kinda just want to make more friends XD. Requirements : Must have been posting...
  5. PhysicsFreak101

    Gaming Funny Moments Crew

    I have been greatly inspired by Fitz and Smii7y's videos, and I have been making videos for over 2 years, and I want to form a Funny Moments Crew of some sort to record with. I already have 3 others in my squad already, and am looking for around 3-5 more members. Msg me on discord that you are...
  6. B

    Gaming need some funny a** people!

    hey I'm Baka I'd like to collab with some quality youtubers. (not often uploading but quality) I do gaming and I play about everything (I'm pc) My content isn't based on the gaming but more on the improv and just shooting the st. My favorite humor is dark stuff and while playing I want you to be...