1. A

    Other Winter fishing fun: a fishing trip with friends

    Another sunny weekend is upon us! I made plans with my good friend to continue our adventures. This time, we decided to go fishing together. Considering winter is approaching, we brought along our beloved Orolay jackets to keep us warm while indulging in our favorite hobby. As the sun rose on...
  2. S

    Vlog Fishing

    hello guys.. i have a new video about fishing you can watch here . and leave a comment you can share your experience bellow
  3. EBOutdoors

    South Florida Frog Giggin' - Catch, Clean and Cook

    Ever been gigging for frogs? In this video we head out on our airboat into the Everglades for a South Florida delicacy!
  4. RockyTopBros

    Feedback is what im in need of <3

    anything that you think would help im open for suggestions as long as I enjoy doing it and i have fun thats what its all about ALSO what category does my channel fit under??? I usually just put "other"
  5. RomanCastro

    Kayak Fishing San Diego Bay (Underwater View) Vlog#76

    Had an awesome Kayak Bass Fishing session yesterday. Check it out if you are into kayak fishing.
  6. RomanCastro

    San Diego Fishing: Mission Jetty with Shimano Chronarch 150 ci4+: ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #75

    A super short 4th of July fishing session
  7. RomanCastro

    Weekend Kayak Fishing Trip out of San Diego (vlog)

    My first fully comped trip thanks to vlogging and podcasting. Stoked :thumbsup2: Thanks for checking this out YTTalkers!
  8. RomanCastro

    7 Day Spearfishing Trip to La Paz, Mexico (Travel Day)

    Travel day for the most awesome spearfishing adventure I've ever been on.
  9. KingFisher


    Hey hows it going? well im good thanks cheers ,i am new here ,hoping to meet some new people and hope to get some reviews about my channels layout, and filming skills. something im missing or compare to other channels. And if im i on the right direction? i dont want sub for sub infact if thats...