1. xBlazingStar94x

    Adventure Vlog to Sea Life!

    I recently took a trip to London and on the last day we decided to visit Sea Life at Westminster Bridge. I had never been to an aquariam so I was quite excited. I originally started taking photographs but they just didn't capture the full experience so I decided to take some videos and later...
  2. ReeceS

    It had to Happen !

    It Had To Happen !.. SUBSCRIBE ► Products featured in this video: • The Camera: • Microphone: Follow me on Social Media • Twitter - • Instagram - •...
  3. TheMileHighFiveClub

    This chef enjoys food a little too much.

  4. SeanFace101

    Catfish: Super-Red Bristlenose Pleco

    One Of My Super Red Bristlenose Pleco Catfish This is one of my Super Red Bristlenose Plecs. I have 3 of these type of catfish and this particular pleco is the middle is size out of the 3 of them.
  5. fatfrog

    I went rock pooling with a marine biologist

    He may be my boyfriend but he is still a marine biologist. Anyway he took me rock pooling for a youtube challenge and found some amazing specimens. I thought you guys might be interested to learn more about the life in our rock pools in cornwall, england :)
  6. SeanFace101

    My Blue Acara (Central/South American Cichlid)

    This is my Central / South American Cichlid and is a Blue Acara. :D
  7. SeanFace101

    I Added A Bit Too Much Frozen Bloodworms

    A video of when I was feeding my tropical fish community tanks and added to much frozen food... You can see Gold Angelfish, Koi Angelfish, White Balloon Molly, Dalmatian Balloon Molly, Black Sailfin Balloon Mollies, Orange Sailfin Balloon Molly, Sailfin Balloon Molly, Silvertip Tetra and a...
  8. SeanFace101

    My Tropical Fish: Blue Crown Tail Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)

    This is a video of my Blue Crown Tail Betta, also known as a Siamese Fighting Fish. Love this fish, its awesome!
  9. V

    Hot couple in town