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  1. Anturaju93

    Other Aquariums and Fish keeping Collab

    Hello to all. I have a YouTube channel since 2015 where I upload fish keeping related videos, DIY projects and tips. I'm looking to grow my subscriber number in order to meet the new requirements for YPP that I'm part now and want to be part after the 20 of February. If you have a similar...
  2. SeanFace101

    Very Young Cacadu Dwarf Cichlid Double Red

    Double Red Cacadu Dwarf Cichlid This is my very young, Double Red Cacadu Dwarf Cichlid just after being put in my fish tank, its home.
  3. SeanFace101

    Catfish: Super-Red Bristlenose Pleco

    One Of My Super Red Bristlenose Pleco Catfish This is one of my Super Red Bristlenose Plecs. I have 3 of these type of catfish and this particular pleco is the middle is size out of the 3 of them.
  4. SeanFace101

    Great Live Food (Bloodworms) for my Fish

  5. SeanFace101

    A Large Pleco Catfish

    A Big Pleco Catfish I am not sure what the exact species of this Pleco / Catfish..
  6. SeanFace101

    Aquarium: Bio-Motion Moving Bed Filter (Shower Gel Bottle)

    Shower Gel Bottle Bio-Motion Moving Bed Filter: First attempt then improved version for Fish Tank..
  7. SeanFace101

    Floating Particles After API Accu-Clear Aquarium Treatment

    The Effects of API Accu-Clear Treatment on my Fish Tank After Use... This is the after effects of the API Accu-Clear water treatment in my Marina 60 Aquarium. Accu-Clear is added to the water to treat cloudy water and help filter usage, when added, the solution clumps together all the small...
  8. SeanFace101

    New Born Sailfin Molly Fry

    Have a look at my 5 little black Sailfin Molly Fry. These were just born through the night before the recording of this vide.
  9. SeanFace101

    My Blue Acara (Central/South American Cichlid)

    This is my Central / South American Cichlid and is a Blue Acara. :D
  10. SeanFace101

    I Added A Bit Too Much Frozen Bloodworms

    A video of when I was feeding my tropical fish community tanks and added to much frozen food... You can see Gold Angelfish, Koi Angelfish, White Balloon Molly, Dalmatian Balloon Molly, Black Sailfin Balloon Mollies, Orange Sailfin Balloon Molly, Sailfin Balloon Molly, Silvertip Tetra and a...
  11. SeanFace101

    My Tropical Fish: Blue Crown Tail Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)

    This is a video of my Blue Crown Tail Betta, also known as a Siamese Fighting Fish. Love this fish, its awesome!
  12. SeanFace101

    My new very young Albino Cory (Corydoras) Catfish

    These are three short little videos of my new acquired Albino Cory (Corydoras) Catfish. As you can see in the videos, they are very young and have a lot of growing to do. What do you all think?