1. ie_research

    Question for those who sell Channel Memberships

    Hello Everyone, I would like to sell channel memberships on my youtube channel, but I have a very specific question that can only be answered by those who already sell channel memberships. The question is - what information about a channel membership purchaser can you see? When you get a new...
  2. C

    Youtubers with more than 100k subscribers, hit me up!

    Hello YouTubers, If you have more than 100k subscribers, hit me up at We are a large investment fund looking to invest 1k-100k in YouTubers. Let's have a quick chat we will explain to you our product.
  3. Wayfire

    Winning the lottery with Yotta Savings account

    Hello, I recently made a video looking into Yotta Savings account. It is an online savings account you can get on your phone. For every $25 you have in it, you get a ticket for a weekly drawing. Cash prizes go up to $10 million dollars. So is it worth it? Check out the video