1. AMX Gaming

    This Ending Will Surprise You | Inside Game

    This is the finale of Inside! well, part 2 anyway lol. Come see what happens in the end of the game! Had a great time playing this game and love supporting indie developers! Thanks a lot for watching the series! :D Inside: Finale | Ending (Part 2) About Inside Hunted and alone, a boy finds...
  2. AMX Gaming

    Double Dragon 4 Finale

    We begin this double dragon finale in stage 9, last time we died in stage 10, so close to the end, but we realize that if you hit start or enter you can continue from the last stage you completed.... as usual i focused on the better moments of this game, it's so much fun, i enjoyed playing...
  3. MultiDragon129

    MARIO MAKER IS KILLING ME XD (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Let's Play [Finale]

    Whats more to say about this one (besides what's in the title XD) yea, it's definitely killing me =P This is the FINALE of my Mario Maker SERIES! it has come to my breaking point in the let's play where I just completely give up and rage quit. I'm not comepletely sure if there would be more...
  4. Testing Your Neurons

    Is my quiz too difficult? - I need your feedback!

    I have made a quiz of Game of Thrones and I am wondering if some of you guys could try it to tell me if it is too difficult for people! Thanks in advance! Testing Your Neurons
  5. JackTheRipoff

    After some modifications...

    So since the last time I put in a request for a video way back when, I have made considerable improvements to my channel quality. In my finale of Blank Dream, I make an hour long episode special and would like to know if the video in itself is worth watching through the whole play time. What I...