1. S

    What is wrong with Youtubes Recommendations?

    Hi, I honestly just signed up to this space because of this and the fact it's just getting incredibly frustrating now. What is happening is no matter what I watch, filter or tune. The recommended section on Youtubes homepage keeps showing irrelevant stuff. I've heard and read from places in...
  2. ChimpTv

    Is there video editor software as easy to use as Movavi but more feature rich?

    Hi, My channel creates car crash compilation videos from around the world. The people I get my videos from often ask for identifying marks to be covered up. I use Movavi video editor because it is sooo simple to quickly splice up and edit clips. The only problem with Movavi is there are not...
  3. SeanFace101

    Aquarium: Bio-Motion Moving Bed Filter (Shower Gel Bottle)

    Shower Gel Bottle Bio-Motion Moving Bed Filter: First attempt then improved version for Fish Tank..
  4. Jonathan

    How to repair an oil filter housing leak on a BMW m43 engine.

    Hey guys, I made my first video. I know it's not the best but I'm starting out!