fifa collab

  1. Doodel

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers to collab with (PS4/PC)

    My name is Lukas, but my Youtube channel is called ''Doodel''. Me and one of my YT friends are looking for some people to collab with, since even though we are a ''group'' of 4, it's mostly only us recording. ATM i am at 700+ subs, and looking for someone to play games such as, - FIFA, - GTA...
  2. Doodel

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with

    Hey We are already a group of 3, but we would like some more people though since that would make the videos a lot funnier. Games: GTA 5 (PS4) Rocket League (PS4) FIFA (PS4) Cards Against Humanity (PC) Pinturillo (PC) Golf With Friends (PC) And other games as well. Must be 15+, have a decent mic...
  3. R

    Gaming Looking for FIFA players to do a Co-Op Seasons series with?!

    Relatively new to this YouTube scene, but looking for potential FIFA players to be involved in a Co-Op Seasons series!!! If interested my Skype is henri.lewis_, or you could email me at!! Thankyou famdingoes!!