1. Pierre Maynard

    Journey to the stage #1

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new Vlog, and a new series called Journey to the Stage. This is a new series in which i record the highlights leading up to my next Gig, this could become more of a thing in the future if it becomes a success! Don't forget to Like Subscribe and turn on...
  2. alwinred

    Street Festival in Limassol, Cyprus

    This is an annual event that i am enjoying because of the vibe that gives, a lot of live music from bands, Dj's, MC's, breakdancers, graffiti artists, skaters, bicycle stands, and many many others things. So this year i decided to shoot the event with the OSMO Plus and Sony Action camera...
  3. MajesticBox

    Destiny Rise Of Iron - Festival Of The Lost Review and Plot Holes

    Destiny Rise Of Iron - Festival Of The Lost Review and Plot Holes. These are my opinions about the festival of the lost Hope you enjoy the review
  4. Cam Kirkham


    Hi everyone here is my latest video in my series! Its doing really well so far over 550 views in a day! Talking about the awkward and funny moments and people at T in the park and festivals in general! Let me know what you think!