1. Justine

    The Makeapp Triggering

    So there's recently been some buzz about an app called Makeapp that removes ""makeup"" from a picture. Needless to say, it p****d off a ton of self proclaimed feminists and they started to call the app and it's developer misogynistic and a ton of other nasty words. Little did they know the app...
  2. Cristy Ella

    New Video; Feminism, Womens day, Womens strike and Wage gap

    New video. Feel free to critique it if you'd like :D I basically saw a twitter trend and this is what happened.
  3. Foolio

    Mind Of Foolio - Satire - Hillary's Inferno

    Hi there, I create satirical videos, some general, some political and self made animations are in the works as well. I started my channel earlier this year - before the elections - and this was the 2nd video I made, hope you like it (WARNING, I mock everything that I think should be mocked...
  4. Worldofpossible

    Ghostbuster is so Boring Rant! Sleepy Edition!

    [Video] In this I provide commentary on the new Ghostbusters film. I planned to compared suicide squad in a future vid.
  5. Emily Pruna

    The Friend Zone Isn't Real!

  6. RiffRaff

    Dicko Fights Feminism!

  7. paigelknowles

    Hey have you ever had someone say something to you outrageously inappropriate while at work?

    That happened to me just a couple of days ago and I made a video reflecting on my reaction to it!! Watch it here and SUBSCRIBE if you like it Thanks for your support!!
  8. Shamik (iWanDatCake)

    Women Shouldn't be President?!

    This was more of a rant tbh.