feedback request

  1. FillerTube

    FillerTube: Filling YouTube with unnecessarily weird videos

    I just uploaded a channel intro video and I was hoping to get some general feedback on how the video strikes people. Off the bat, I can tell it's probably not everyone's style of humor, but what can you do. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Altairsfriend

    Seeking feedback on our latest video.

    One of our main issues has been our audio being a little to low, and I think that we inally have a handle on that. Im also working on a title card/intro to our videos as well as a outro. But other then that how is it? It is a little on the short side but this is by design to keep retention up...
  3. ItzRicoSuave

    Feedback on my Gaming Channel?

    What's up guys, I just wanted to ask for some feedback on my channel so I can get an idea as to what I need to fix to improve my videos for the future; that's why I signed up for this forum. The Link to my channel is
  4. Sonalib

    Feedback On Videos!?

    Hi, I've started my YouTube a few months ago. I've been uploading vlogs and I'd just like a few opinions on them and some feedback on what I'm doing well and what I can improve on.
  5. ColorCommentary

    My first top 5 video. How did I do?

    Hey guys, So I recently sat down for a more elaborate project: my top five brotherhood feel moments in Assassin's Creed. It was my first time doing a video such as this and I have looked at how several larger channels do it before having a go for myself. The idea is to have more of this...