feedback on cahnnel

  1. MrCanadianDude

    Review My Funny Videos?

    I make funny Fortntie videos on YouTube, I make eye catching thumbnails, I think I make good titles but I'm just really growing as I thought I would. People comment but I kinda began to stop growing as fast as I did a couple weeks ago. Is my videos entertaining? Are they too short? too long? Do...
  2. Everything Supreme

    How Are My Skits?

    I would really appreciate some feedback on my skits preferably my latest one. Any feedback would be great like if it was funny or if i need to work on my editing skills. Thank you everyone!!!
  3. Blunt Brittany

    Feedback on my channel

    Since I'm pretty new to YouTube, I am looking for some feedback or constructive criticism on my channel and videos. What camera angle looks better in the car? What about thumbnails and titles of videos? Really anything would help! Thank you!
  4. B

    psst you! yeah you! come over here for a sec

    So i have been doing YouTube for almost a year now, i started from scratch which means that i barely drove any external traffic to my channel... other than the occasional share on Facebook i had nothing else to do. I would like to hear your thoughts about my progress so far and provides your...
  5. C

    could you guys help me and maybe give me some feedback?

    i have a youtube channel with 200+ subscribers but i lose 1 each day and its pretty heartbreaking, if anyone could check out my channel and possiably give some feedback? i would really appreciate it. my channel link:
  6. Rallex

    Need Feedback On My Channel! :D

    Hi! I've been stuck with around 500 Subscribers for a solid three to four months with only around 20-50 views on a video and I'd like to hear some feedback on what I should do on the channel for more views and if my Thumbnails are good, what I could do better at and such :) Would love to see...
  7. spektronomy

    My Little Channel asks for Feedback

    Hello there dudes! So I've been in this for almost 4 months now and I'm kinda stuck. I know I had a bit of a break lately because the school started, but I'm getting back on track! Anyways, I'd love you to give me a bit of a feedback on the channel in general. Is it my not so magnetic...