fatal encounter

  1. Farley Productions

    Fatal Encounter Rise and Fight

    I recently finished our short film (about 33 minutes long) for a passion film project that we've been working on for over a year and a half. Would love it if you guys took the time watch and enjoy the film. Any feedback for our future film projects is always appreciated as well. Don't forget to...
  2. Farley Productions

    Fatal Encounter - An Inside Look

    Awhile back into late last year I made an "Inside Look" video for a movie I've been working on for years called "Fatal Encounter." There is a lot I wish I could go back and change but overall it's been a wonderful experience. This is my first time creating this type of video to give people an...
  3. Farley Productions

    Fatal Encounter Official Trailer

    Spent about 2 years of pre-production, production and post production work to make this Movie Trailer. This independent movie won't be done until Winter of 2017. But let me know what you think and enjoy. =]
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