1. GSO

    Voice Acting Serenade of Sorrow A Castlevania series fan Audiodrama

    Serenade of Sorrow A Castlevania series fan Audiodrama: or I also need Secondary scriptwriter audio...
  2. MC'01

    Voice Acting Looking for voices for a fanmade MLP song

    Hello, we - me and my friend - made a fanmade song in MLP style and we're looking for some voices - mostly the mane ones (Mane 6, CMC), but also some random ones, just for singing. There is a reward for that! More informations here...
  3. The_Man_XX

    #1 Fan?

    I've been doing YouTube for over a year now & I have seen people show me support no matter how small my channel is but I would like to hear if other YouTubers have a number one fan? You know that one person who always watches your buck's,likes them and commet on them.If you do whwhat does it...
  4. O

    Anyone notice YouTube removed FanFunding?

    YouTube removed FanFunding and replaced with Super Chat which is Live Streams only. You pay to get your comments above others who don't pay. When someone watching your stream pays you earn money. But the Fan Funding for non live stream videos is GONE.
  5. The Nerd Encounter

    Other Popular Nerd FB Page Looks to Make a Fun Series Based around Marvel and DC Comics!

    Hey all we are "The Nerd Encounter", and as we approach 22,000 Facebook fans. We want to do more on our Youtube Channel. We are wanting to cover Marvel and DC Comics. Talk about new comics material as it comes out, of course movies and TV shows as well! In an informative but fun, weekly or...
  6. Tuskan

    Happy Wheels #1 Bringing Those Fresh Beats!

    Today I uploaded a video on Happy Wheels and had plenty of fun trying to help Timmy today! He is such a rascal. Stay Toasty with this video!
  7. Crystal_Joy

    Top Fan Feature?

    I've been hearing about the Top Fans feature for awhile and how useful it is but that you can only use it once you get 1k subs. I just hit 1k today (yay!) and I went to check and I can't seem to find it. Did YouTube get rid of that feature?
  8. D

    Vlog Looking For BROADWAY Fans & PHOTOGRAPHERS

    Hey! I'm Danni. I just started up my YouTube a month ago and am looking for other YouTubers to connect with. My channel focuses mostly on photography tutorials, but I also vlog about makeup, costumes, etc. I'm a Broadway fan, and am hoping to find others who are into Broadway or photography!
  9. MartiX

    What do you guys think of my Youtube channel?

    Hey guys, I really need some channel feedback, because I keep on fighting to make a nice quality video, but sometimes I just feel like I don't get noticed, not getting subs, or views. What should I do to improve? Please don't be hateful. I would really appreciate it! Thank you guys!