1. Aerdian

    Sound off in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    Hello, I did some rendering and exporting for my YouTube channel today, but after a few hours, all my gameplays finished and a large majority of them contained off audio. The sound was coming before the video. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Clockwork collective

    EXPORTING how can I optimize

    HELLO.. I use Adobe Suites and when I post my content It takes forever for the res to get to HD. Ive been exporting using H2.46 Youtube 1080p max render.. But as I watch my favorite youtubers their content always has perfect quality all the time.. SO for the question how should I be...
  3. DeathByVlog

    What are you exporting to?

    I am using Final Cut Pro X and when I first started uploading videos I was exporting as "Master File(default). These were huge files and uploading to Youtube was a pain. So, I started exporting as "Apple Devices 1080p". File sizes are usually no more than a 1gb and upload in just a few minutes...