1. Veniamin

    Experimenting with TNT

    On my YouTube channel, I do experiments with dynamite, a lot of dynamite. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPSGEXXVLmn6gURiRhlgoA
  2. SeanFace101

    Jak & Mackenzie: Minecraft Explosions (Xbox One)

    Minecraft Explosions on the Xbox One by Jak and Mackenzie! Jak Quinn and Mackenzie playing Minecraft on the Xbox One blowing things up, making explosions and setting things on fire! This is on Jak's Xbox One console and Jak's Minecraft game using Mackenzie's Xbox One controller.
  3. Mattaxol

    THAT SHOT!! | Far Cry 4

    This took 4 hours to edit because I recorded for so long... Gah! Anyways, I really do hope you guys enjoy, I put a load of time into each video I make so it'd mean a lot to see some support. Thank you :))
  4. Mattaxol

    AIRBORNE JEEP! | Far Cry 4

    I put loads of work into this video and no one has seen it yet in the 6 hours (ish) it's been uploaded other than me. Please show some support if you enjoy it, I'd really really appreciate it. Thank you!!
  5. Mattaxol

    TO THE NORTH! | Far Cry 4

    An epic episode where we finally unlock the North and charge through a bridge! So epic :D
  6. Mattaxol

    RELEASE THE ANIMALS! | Far Cry 4 (CHANGED STYLE-Editing Highly now. Feedback? :))

    This was so fun to record, and I felt like editing it fully, after not editing for a bit (testing out styles of videos) I finally will stick to fully editing my videos. Hopefully at least one of you guys will enjoy this, I put tons of effort into it. Thank you :)
  7. S

    Now with 24% More Explosions!

    The most ridiculous video I've ever made...
  8. Blakeusness

    Star Wars Battlefront! "It's Finally Here"!

    hay guys, just posted TWO new vids of star wars battlefront gameplay on my channel! be awesome if you could check it out!