1. ProXima123

    THE TIME IS NOW. Mars Base Camp 2028 - Lockheed Martin

    Lockheed Martin recently announced plans to set up a Mars base orbiting the red planet, known as ‘Mars Base Camp.’ During the International Astronautical Congress in late 2017, Lockheed Martin unveiled it’s plans for a Mars Base Camp initiative. The architecture would involve sending crews to...
  2. ZaGreenScene

    Other Abandoned Exploration channel!

    Hey guys! My channel name is ZaGreenScene and im looking for people in Illinois or around Illinois to come and join me on my adventures inside abandoned buildings! Im a new channel but that doesn't mean I have nothing to give back to who ever wants to collaborate with me! Im great at advertising...
  3. ZaGreenScene

    Meet Up/Gathering Chicago Abandoned Adventure Series Collab

    Hey guys! ZaGreen here and im a brand new channel looking for some people in the Chicago suburbs to join with me on an adventure! We go to abandoned buildings to do urbex exploration videos and id love to have some fellow YouTube there with me! My channel name is ZaGreenScene so send me a...
  4. Michele


    Hey, I'm Michele. Anyone know of any abandoned places or cool places to explore in DFW for an exploration video?
  5. LionDude12

    Vlog Looking for people near Bristol uk to explore abandoned places for video.

    hey all! So I’m looking for people near me to go and explore places in Bristol! I would rather do it in the daytime as my mum wouldn’t let me out XD Btw she knows I’m doing this! Anyway you must be under 18 and a YouTuber, that’s all I ask. Then we will go and explore some spooky places! Email...
  6. Valerik

    How to become unique?

    Hey guys, I have been doing these adventure and exploration focused playthroughs, which I really enjoy doing and editing, and I have gotten quite some praise for them too, however I have been having issues with increasing the audiance due to not being too unique. I was thinking of...
  7. Valerik

    Honest constructive feedback?

    Hey YouTubers and bloggers, I have a small gaming channel which I have been putting a lot of effort in for a few months now, and I would like to know what YOU think, and how YOU would enjoy it more. Thank YOU, to everyone wanting to share some constructive and honest feedback. Much...
  8. Valerik

    Starbound - Upgrading EVERYTHING! Getting ready for the hunt!

    Hey Explorer. Do you enjoy adventure and exploration games? I have a new channel just for that. We are currently playing the amazing Starbound, where we are building a huge zoo for all the the universe's creatures, and this episode we went around upgrading everything to hunt down more amazing...
  9. Jawad Soomro


    We have escaped the PRISON, now we are in the Cistern, so lets EXPLORE the place. This places looks a DEEP WELL, it is the area where a lot of people have given up on due to fear, but we will achieve the success at any cost. There is a LADDER to go upstairs and there are Two Hanging bridges...
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